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Ring Sizing

Find your ring size

Measure the inside diameter of a ring you own and compare this measurement to the chart below to find your ring size.

Ring inside diameter


Ring size chart 

SA/UK Size Inside Diameter (mm) US Size Inside Diameter (inches)
I 15.3mm 4.5 0.60in
J 15.5mm 4.75 0.61in
K 15.9mm 5.25 0.62in
L 16.3mm 5.75 0.64in
M 16.7mm 6.25 0.65in
N 17.1mm 6.75 0.67in
O 17.5mm 7.25 0.68in
P 17.9mm 7.75 0.70in
Q 18.3mm 8.25 0.72in
R 18.7mm 8.75 0.73in
S 19.2mm 9.25 0.75in
T 19.6mm 9.75 0.77in
U 20mm 10.25 0.78in